Diabetes Management

UniMed’s Diabetes Management Team works to manage patient insulin, glucometers, and additional supplies so that patient’s glucose levels are maintained and patients remain healthy. Whether a patient has Type I or Type II Diabetes, or require diet planning to manage their diabetes, UniMed patients will be taken care of by our Diabetes Management Program to help with any diabetic related requirements.
Injection Management

Aside from regularly scheduled drugs, many patients in care home settings are prescribed long-lasting injections. These injections can oftentimes be difficult to manage by the home staff as they are administered at alternate points of care (i.e. mental health agencies, injection clinics, etc.). UniMed’s staff will organize and dispense injections on a prescribed schedule and deliver them directly to the source of injection if required. This ensures every patient gets their injection(s) without complication and on time.

UniMed’s MedCheck program ensures that patients understand the medication they are taking and provides feedback to medical practitioners and home staff through a personal pharmacist-patient session. MedChecks are performed quarterly or annually depending on the patient and the circumstances. All MedChecks are performed at the patient’s home for the convenience of the patient and the home staff.

Compliance Packaging

UniMed Dispensaries provides a variety of packaging options for medication, including multi-dose and unit-dose; whichever suit your operation’s needs. Compliance packaging allows prescriptions to be monitored by the patients and staff in a simplified fashion to satisfy patient safety concerns as well as increasing staff efficiency.

Narcotic/PRN Management

UniMed will work with the home management to develop the safest procedures and protocols when it comes to Narcotic Management. UniMed staff take additional precautions with narcotics by counting and tracking these prescriptions with precision. Allow UniMed Dispensaries to provide you with a free consultation to set up a narcotics program in your care facility today!
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